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Tamika has been described as a dynamic speaker by adults, "awesome" by youth, and "fun" by children.  Tamika has spoken to thousands of children, youth, and families on the subjects of bullying, teen dating violence, sexual assault, substance abuse prevention, and Discovering one's personal best.
It will only take you a moment to browse through the testimonials below and see why you should book her for your next assembly, retreat, or event.
For more detailed information on her signature programs which often incorporate dance or theatre, click on the headings to your left.

What Children and Youth Are Saying:

"Miss Tamika Rocks!"--Chestertown Leaders Club


"Miss Tamika You ROCK!"--Gilpin Manor Elementary School


"You were awesome!"

"We've never had a program like that before!"


What Adults Are Saying:

"Thank you very much for your “Nobody Likes a Bully!” presentation to Worton Elementary School on Friday, April 1, 2005.  We were fortunate to have a local talent such as you available to offer the students such a strong message!


I thought the students were very attentive during your presentation about bullies.  It is an important message and one that the schools try very hard to teach children throughout the year.  Many students had good responses to your questions meaning they were actively engaged in the program.  I was most impressed when you taught the students a short dance routine.  They loved getting up and dancing to the music and feeling the success when they learned the routine.  It was nice for them to be physically active after such a long winter and your energy is incredible!"---Jill Bramble, Cultural Arts Program Coordinator


"You are an articulate young woman....Teaching, mentorship, and guiding children is a role that you demonstrate with excellence and poise"---Kent County Parks and Recreation Recreation Supervisor


"Thank you for bringing your skills, enthusiasm, knowledge and diverse programming to Millington Elementary School."

---Judie Berry 


"You show a great deal of compassion to the victims of domestic violence and their children.  You truly are an asset to our agency"---Sharon Schmidt, Assistant Director Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence


What Children and Youth Are Saying when asked specific questions:

What did you like about today’s presentation?

  • I know you from before, and I like the way you tell things.  You’re very interesting, you get everyone’s attention.
  • I learned that…you can achieve what you want to achieve!!!
  • It improved my spirit, and others too.
  • How you related to being our age and achieving your dreams there.      
  • It was fun but informing
  • She said see it! Believe it! Achieve it!
  • I liked that Miss Tamika was really real, and you don’t fall asleep when she talks
  • It was cool and educating, you touched my heart
  • I liked the fact that you told us how you got right back up when you made a fool of yourself.
  • I liked it because she said that you can do anything
  • I got to thinking about what I was going to do in life
  • I liked that she talked about stuff I was interested in
  • I liked that you let us know that you can achieve anything you want to
  • I liked the fact that she was animated, and told a funny story
  • Being able to have our own input
  • It touched my heart
  • That she is very cool!
  • I liked that you explained everything clearly
  • I liked the way she handled the way she spoke
  • When Tamika talked about her runway story./When Tamika talked about when she walked down the runway/ I liked the story about her modeling/the story about her fashion show
  • The stories you told us./I’m very into stories, it really go my attention/ I liked when she told us the story/I liked her speeches/I liked that her speeches were energetic/

Would you recommend that other students see this program? Why or why not?         

  • Yes, because her speeches motivate in a way I’ve never seen!
  • Yes, she can motivate others to success!
  • You really made me think of what I can do to work toward what I want to do.
  • It was informative and motivated me to do just as well by the time I’m 25
  • Because it will most likely inspire youth
  • Because you feel like trying
  • You can inspire people
  • She can help you reach your dreams
  • Because it’s inspirational
  • It is an enjoyable experience
  • Because they would want to achieve what they want to be and believe in themselves.

Have you booked Tamika for your next event?
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CLIENTS (Not Full List)
*Center for Maternal and Child Health Department
of Health and Mental Hygiene
*National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
*Kent County Parks & Recreation: Leaders Club Program (3 years)
*Governor's Council on Adolescent Pregnancy for Maryland
*Kent County Parks & Recreation: Beyond the Bell Program
*Washington College Sexual Assault and Response Team
&Women of Worship Conference Dance Ministry
*Henry Highland Garnett Elementary School
*Mid-Shore Council On Family Violence
*Campus Christian Church
*Chapel District Elementary School
*Washington College Diversity Program
*Gilpin Manor Elementary School
*Holly Hall Elementary School
*Worton Elementary School
*Women At the Well Ministry
*Kent County Arts Council
*Kent County High School
*El Shaddai Entertainment
*Power House Ministries
*Girl Scout Organization
*Galena Middle School
*Brenau University
*Omega Alpha Chi
*Mt. Olive A.M.E.
*Bethel A.M.E.

Would you recommend that other students see this program? Why or why not? (Continued) 

  • Because you are very motivating and you believe in us
  • It really makes you think about the subject.  It really helps to hear other people’s side.
  • You can do it if you can believe it
  • She is inspiring and also she is very funny
  • Yes because it taught me that you can achieve what you want to, no matter how hard it may seem!
  • Yes I would, because she is very funny and gets her point through./ she is funny/
  • She was very animated and got my attention
  • So other kids could get info out of this program
  • She is just like everyone else
  • She inspires you
  • You get to share your dreams
  • Because it was educational
  • It was fun!

 If you could say anything to Miss Tamika, what would you say?

  • Keep talking to kids about what they can do and you could really motivate a lot of people!
  • You’re the coolest spokesperson all day! You really open up.
  • I would say she’s the “bestest” speaker that we have had all day.  Very inspirational!
  • I would say: “You go girl! That’s Awesome what you do!”
  • That she is kind, and beautiful, and she’s a really good speaker
  • I would say that she is very wonderful and kind, also she is a great speaker
  • That she is a great speaker and I respect her in what she’s doing.
  • I like your program, you are so very good.  Thank you.
  • You are very hardworking and have a great personality
  • You dance well, my sister talks about you often.
  • Thank you for the advice
  • You are very interesting and I liked your stories
  • I think you’re a great inspirational motivational speaker.
  • Thank you! You’re very pretty! Very inspirational
  • I would ask her how long it took her to pursue all of her dreams
  • Thank you for the advice for achieving our dreams
  • I would ask her how long it took her to get over the runway show
  • It was impressive
  • Good job on the presentation
  • Great Job!!!
  • Could you get me a job?
  • How much money do you make?
  • Thank you for coming/thank you for coming today/

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