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See It! Believe It! Acheive It!
A Three-Point Plan for Obtaining Greatness

Tamika, Singer- Michael Bolton, Actress-Erin Gray, Miss Maryland 1999 Keri Schraeder


Do you need a program that will not only motviate your students to be the best they can be, but will entertain them into greatness? Look no further, for you have found both elements in See It! Believe It! Achieve It!


Combining 20 years performance experience, 25 years of life experience, and a unique style that is inspirational, concise, and ooooh so funny, Tamika easily relates to youth and college students to deliver a compelling program.


Tamika has smiled in the face of victimization, kicked the label associated with the word “survivor”, and has gone on to achieve great things in her short 25 years of life! Not only does Tamika Johnson have story to tell, but she has a three-point plan for obtaining greatness

Students Will Learn:

        Tools for success

        How to set and achieve goals

        How to step into greatness

What people are saying about this program:

“It was cool and educating, you touched my heart!”


“You’re the coolest spokesperson all day!”


“Keep talking to kids about what they can do, and you could really motivate a lot of people!”


“I would say she’s the “bestest” speaker that we have had all day.  Very inspirational!”


"I learned that you can achieve what you want to achieve!"


"I liked that Miss Tamika was really real, and you don't fall asleep when she talks"


"I liked the program because Miss Tamika said you can acheive anything you want to"

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