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A Prevention Program For Elementary  School Students! 
Created and Presented by Tamika Johnson

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Students Will Learn:


        Characteristics of A bully.


        Reasons why people bully.


        Ways to handle bullying.


        The power students have to eradicate bully behavior.


Program includes:


        Interactive Activity: Dance for Bully Free Fun!


        Interactive Activity: Bully Pledge

Do you want an interactive program that will have your students feeling empowered to ward off bullies and literally dancing in the aisles!  You have found both elements in the highly praised, Nobody likes a Bully! Program.

Tamika Johnson, Theatrical Motivational Speaker, and Ms. Black Maryland 2005, understands that students want to be entertained and that schools want someone who will leave a positive and lasting effect in the lives of their students.  Combining more than eighteen years performance experience and more than eight years working with elementary school youth, Tamika easily relates to children to deliver a compelling program.


With a program that imparts critical life skills into each student, includes the popular Dance for Bully Free Fun! Segment, and a booking fee that accommodates even the smallest budget, you have nothing to loose!  Book Tamika for your next assembly today!

Now booking for summer school programs and school year 2005-2006!



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