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Dance for Bully Free Fun!
~A Hip Hop Dance Workshop~

“Dance is a universal language.  If dance can transcend language and cultural barriers, then dance can teach children tolerance!"---Tamika Johnson

Everyone loves to dance!  Give your students the gift of an exciting, inspiring, empowering, and just plain fun hip-hop dance workshop! 


Tamika Johnson, Theatrical Motivational Speaker, and Miss Delaware Ethnic World 2005, understands that students want to be entertained and that schools want someone who will leave a positive and lasting effect in the lives of their students.  Combining more than eighteen years performance experience and more than eight years working with elementary school youth, Tamika easily relates to children to deliver a compelling program!


Students Will Learn:


        The power students have to eradicate bullying.


        Interpersonal Communication Skills


        That they can have fun with each other regardless of race, gender, or physical handicap.


Program includes:

        60 minutes of hip hop fun!

**Note: This is a wonderful stand alone program; but SHINES as a follow-up reinforcement activity to the Nobody Likes A Bully Program!

What students are saying about the program:
"Miss Tamika You ROCK!"
"You were awesome!"
"We've never had a program like that before!"
"Thank you for the program!"
What adults are saying about the program:

"I thought the students were very attentive during your presentation about bullies.  It is an important message and one that the schools try very hard to teach children throughout the year.  Many students had good responses to your questions meaning they were actively engaged in the program.  I was most impressed when you taught the students a short dance routine.  They loved getting up and dancing to the music and feeling the success when they learned the routine.  It was nice for them to be physically active after such a long winter and your energy is incredible!"

---Jill S. Bramble, Cultrual Arts Program Volunteer
"Thanks for a great program!  The children enjoyed it, and is such a fitting topic for today!"----Mr. Benner, Vice-Principal

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