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Performer/Speaker/Minister of Performing Arts/Ms. Black Maryland 2005

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Choose from the following programs.  Tamika customizes each program to fit your organization's needs.  If you don't see a program that fits your needs, don't worry, Tamika can design a program especially for you! 
Elementary & Middle School Programs (Click for More Information)
Nobody Likes A Bully! (Includes exciting dance segment!)
Teen Programs
*Respect It...Protect It!-Sexual Assualt Prevention Program 
*Love Don't Leave Bruises!-Teen Dating Violence Program
*Coping With Peer Pressure
*Dialogue Through Music (one time session or 6-8 week program):
*Edu-Drama (6-8 Week program):Teen Dating Violence Drama Program
Adult Programs
**Domestic Violence in the Christian Home: Exposing the Secret, Empowering the Victim!
**Dialogue Through Music: What exactly are your children listening to? Find out with this seminar. (Can be formatted to fit a 30-60 minute timeframe).
**When Love Hurts Everyone Feels It! This program is designed to educate parents, guardians, youth workers, etc. about the dangers of teen dating violence.
Theatrical Motivational Productions:
***"Flowers Die & Chocolate Melts!" a theatrical presentation depicting the reality of domestic violence.  Presentation is followed by a lecture and question and answer period.
Drama & Dance Ministry

*Solo Performance: Tamika is available to perform for weddings, confrences, church serivces, etc.



The Art of Christian Dance;

Starting A Dance Ministry;

Starting a Drama Ministry;

The Biblical Perspective on the Performing Arts.   

*Choreography: Perhaps you already have a dance ministry established or you are seeking to begin one, but are in need of a choreographer.  Tamika is available to choreograph for your ministry or solo performance.


Pageant Communication Seminars

Pageant seminars are designed to be administered to a group.  These seminars partner well with pageant orientations, or as an optional form of training.  All seminars are structured to address preparation before and after winning a title:
**Interview Preparation
**Platform Development
**The Art of Producing Quality Paperwork
**Private Consultation:Do you want more personalized attention? Tamika is available to consult with you privately.