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Christian Network Against Domestic Violence

History of the Christian Network Against Domestic Violence

CNADV was founded by Tamika Johnson and Malkiya Moseley November 2004.  Tamika and Malikiya have both survived and conquered the devastating effects of domestic violence and after assessing the problem of domestic violence within the Christian home and the faith community’s response to: the issue, victims, and abusers; both recognized the need for an organization that would not only empower victims, but would equip leaders in the faith community with the tools to aid those in crisis. 


Mission Statement

The Christian Network Against Domestic Violence is a non-profit organization working to address and end domestic violence in the Christian home through:

  • Providing sound biblical truth regarding the institution of marriage;
  • Acting as an educational and informational resource for victims, abusers, and faith leaders;
  • Advocating for domestic violence issues on a local, national, and political level;
  • Providing a strong, unified voice for victims of domestic violence and their children, domestic violence programs, and victim service providers;
  • Trainings, Support Groups, and National Campaigns targeting the eradication of domestic violence.


We believe that domestic violence should not be a way of life, and that the covenant of marriage does not permit abuse of any kind whether it be Emotional and Verbal abuse; Sexual Abuse, or Physical Abuse.



CNADV is committed to the empowering victims and equipping faith leaders with the tools to effectively address domestic violence.  The goals of CNADV are to:

  • Partner with advocates and faith leaders around the United States of America to establish chapters of CNADV throughout the entire nation.
  • Provide biblical truth regarding marriage and domestic violence through trainings, support groups, and the dissemination of materials to churches and other organizations around the United States of America.
  • Be an organization equipped to refer victims, abusers, and faith leaders to reputable Christian counselors, Abuser Intervention Programs, domestic violence agencies and shelters around the Country.

Click here to visit the CNADV website.

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