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Performer/Speaker/Minister of Performing Arts/Ms. Black Maryland 2005

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T.J. Ministries of the Performing Arts

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
Courtesy: Leslie Raimond-Kent County Arts Council

T.J. Ministries of the Performing Arts is dedicated to "Ushering In the Diving Presence of the Lord!"  Tamika is available to assist you with a number of ministry needs: 

*Solo Performance: Tamika is available to perform for Worship services, Church Conventions, Memorial Services, Rest Homes, Festivals, Weddings, Weddings, and Retreats.

*Dance Lessons: Beginning March 2005, Tamika will provide weekly classes for children and adults through her Christian performing arts studio, Shekinah Arts!  Classes include: Kinder Praise! (5&6 year olds), Kidz Praize! & Holy Hip Hop for children & teens; Spiritual Movement for Teens and Adults.

*Workshops: Tamika is available to lead a variety of workshops on the Art of Christian Dance; Starting A Dance Ministry; Starting a Drama Ministry; The Biblical Perspective on the Performing Arts.  She is also qualified to lead workshops on Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Assault; Peer Pressure, etc.

*Choreography: Perhaps you already have a dance ministry established or you are seeking to begin one, but are in need of a choreographer.  Tamika is available to choreograph for your ministry or solo performance.

*Drama Ministry: In addition to dance, Tamika is available to write and/or direct a dramatic production for your ministry.

*Travel: Tamika is available to travel and minister upon request.


Why Utilize a Minister of the Performing Arts?

The answer to this question is simple…quality.  When something is broken or needs a tune up we go to a professional to fix the problem.  Why?  Because not only do we want the problem fixed, but we want quality for our money, right?  In ministry we deal with people who are broken; people who need to be ministered to in different ways.  It is important to utilize those who have studied and shown themselves approved to do the work.  In addition to extensive years of performing experience, Tamika periodically attends workshops and classes to further enhance her knowledge & skills.



When it comes to ministry, Tamika does not set a specific price for her services and leaves that up to the host organization/ministry.  However, please take into account that  this is a ministry and Tamika is a servant of the Lord and does everything in excellence, for every hour that Tamika labors before you, an additonal two hours has been spent preparing for the event.

**Travel & lodging expenses are the responsibility of the host organization/ministry.